Social Media Marketing

Today, more than ever, business owners view social media as a sales platform. Nearly 25% of businesses sell through Facebook and 40% use social media to generate revenue. Not only does social media influence people’s buying behavior through recommendations (23%), but as many as 30% of consumers say they would shop via Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.

People are not on social media to shop, but to learn about recent activities from their friends. But, business owners know that this way of marketing is undoubtedly a great opportunity to get a person to buy their products.

Social Media Marketing for Business

Every year, companies spend a lot of money on advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

A key reason why social media is the perfect place to advertise any business is that it gives the advertiser full control over audience targeting, making it easier than ever to ensure that an ad is seen by people who are most likely to convert.

But with more control comes more thinking. Advertisers should be prepared to think more carefully about who the ideal audience is and which strategies are best suited to reach them.

To create an audience persona, you must first introduce I ideal customer, what challenges they face, what positions they can take, and how they will interact with the company’s products or services.

Once you have the rough idea of your ideal audience, find out demographic information like age and gender, as well as personal interests and communication preferences, like the type of devices they use. Other things you can include are education level, location, and income.

Now that you know what your customer persona’s next thing is, consider what interests your target audience might have that intersect with the problem your product or service could solve. You can figure this out by brainstorming lists of their likes and preferences, such as similar brands your person might be interested in, popular authors in your industry they can follow online, or other relevant books and media.

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