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Whether Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest – social media is becoming increasingly important. According to recent studies, five out of six Internet users are logged into at least one social network and about 70% even use social media on a daily basis.

Small business leaders in particular wonder why they should use social media and why social media should be a part of their marketing strategy. For small businesses, social networking can mean success.

Social media agency: We show you how your small business can also benefit from social media.

5 tips why small businesses should use social media

  1. Communication made easy

Social media offers companies the opportunity to enter into dialog with customers and partners in a simple way. On social media, you can easily establish a dialogue with prospects and customers. This is not possible on your homepage or with a newsletter. Through dedicated channels to your customers, you can successively improve your products and gather useful feedback.

  1. Social media for SEO

Social media helps you to be found faster in relevant search engines. According to a study by Google, 71% of B2B customers use the Internet and, of course, search engines to find information. The web presence of your company is the business card by which potential customers evaluate you and decide for or against your services and products.

  1. Social media for image building

When a company is active on social media, it presents an open and transparent image to potential customers.

  1. Low costs due to effective distribution

Social media offers clear advantages over other media. Marketing budgets are tight given the current macroeconomic situation. Companies are increasingly trying to convey their brand message to the target audience in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

  1. Social media knows no holding pattern

A Twitter account or a Facebook page, on the other hand, is nothing unusual today and is even more quickly accessible. Here you are available to answer questions from your customers and the dialog is visible to others whose problem can already be solved with it and to whom you convey a positive image of your company.

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